Thursday, 15 September 2011

Antiques blues for this spring

 Band of outsiders. Seizing inspiration from Peter Weir's hypnotic films, so 
they sent out a sampler platter of looks that conjured his film's Edwardian 
feel. Gorgeous dresses with antique style print. I loove the transition from 
white moving to blue floral of my favourite collections of 
New York fashion week 
Alexander Wang. What started as an athletic 'car racer' looks soon turned 
into elegant prints with a twist.Like before the transition from colour to 
print was apparent.. Although this time the print was all over but the 
colour was sort of dip dyed.. almost like the trend of ombre hair. Combined 
with tough leather or bold pockets and zips this is a really great collection
Narciso Rodriguez Specialises in minimalist subtlety.
It started simply, with a black T-shirt, its shoulders slightly padded, 
worn with a pair of white trousers with a jagged black waistband. 
But the patch working quickly became more intense. Dresses were pieced 
together like a puzzle from with blue antique floral print. Very elegant 
and crisp. All these shows remind me of antique blue and white floral 
plates and table wear. I think this is one of the key looks for next Spring.

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