Wednesday, 15 February 2012

S/S 2012/birthday wishlist

L.I.L.Y Perfume by Stella McCartney
Small retro Watch Urban outfitters
Heart pendant Urban outfitters
Longchamp Bag Ebay
Topshop lips in Rio Rio
Lace perspex flats Topshop
My Birthday plus Easter is nearly upon us so put together a quick wishlist:) I love every single perfume Stella McCartney has created, and this new one is no exception. Gorgeous bottle, but a tad pricey so i'll be shopping around i think. I've wanted a Longchamp bag for aaaages now, but i can either never afford it or when i look at them in House of Fraser i always think twice due to the cheap looking fabric, although the leather detailing is amazing. Soooo i've decided to go with a knock off, at more than a third of the price, why not? I may come to regret it but we'll see. Teamed with red lipstick and these amazing lace topshop flats, only available in London at the moment, i think this will be an amazing look. Just a quick Thank you to my boyfriend for our lovely Bristolian valentines day:) Grazia and know me to well:)


  1. I love that lipcolor! It's so pretty!

    1. Such a great colour for spring, trying to find the perfect shade with more orange tones :)

  2. Longchamp bags are the best! I've been lusting after one for a while now. Forever on my wishlist! :) X

    1. I no!! I'm braving a fake until i can afford the real thing..this may be a disaster eek.

  3. i hope you will get them on your birthday! the heart necklace and flat shoes are just adorable <3

  4. Love that red lippy - think I need to branch out a bit with mine!


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