Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Twenty8Twelve Resort 2012

 In there fall 2010 collection, savannah and sienna Miller presented 
some lovely pieces; such as the multi coloured giant cardigan, 
black tops with fringed shoulders, and a fatigue-style 
green mini dress. Perfect for street style, the ordinary girl 
could wear rather than high fashion.
For their resort 2012 collection they have tightened up their line 
considerably, which is rich in easy pieces. Their inspiration was 
the Studio 54-era seventies, a theme mostly glimpsed in items like a slinky 
halter-neck jumpsuit, a drape-front bodysuit, and a day-to-night 
jacket in a cool, Lurex-threaded fabric. I'm really not sold on this collection.
I like the fact they are making pieces that are for the high street,
with a low price to go with it but it just seems a bit 'safe'.
There's nothing really new. I loved their past collection, 
playing up to layering for the winter, but this new collection 
just doesn't tick many boxes. 

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  1. ...I see what you're saying...nothing jumps out at all. Sad


I read+appreciate every comment:) thankyou:)


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